Bikram Hot 26&2

Functional Approach

Sohot Method

If you’re looking to enhance peak physical and mental performance without damaging your joints and spine, then you need to STOP practising with a mindset of achieving some theoretically perfect pose.  It's time to move forward, beyond that beginner's mindset.  That mindset is ineffective and leads to injury.

The Sohot Functional Approach enhances the power of the classic 26 & 2 Bikram Yoga sequence in three primary areas.

Firstly, it restores joint and spine health,  eliminating joint and back pain.  This approach does not assume we all have the same bone structure.

Secondly, it develops functional strength, which the standard approach to Bikram yoga fails to do.

Thirdly, it rehabilitates the body's entire fascia system, greatly improving proprioception, mobility and posture.

The standard Bikram yoga dialogue is called the "Beginners Dialogue".

Imagine trying to learn the piano only having the "Level 1 for beginners" book.

It's time to move beyond level 1.

The 26+2 sequence remains the same, except now you have a more effective inner dialogue.

If your yoga practice is giving you problems with your knees, hips, shoulders or back/neck pain, then you need to change your game.

The Sohot Method is the application of emerging science in sports performance and longevity.    We're not talking about the science of 30 years ago, we're talking the past ten years, which due to modern imaging technology, gives us the ability to see how the mind and body respond when active.   

Whether you practice at home, the studio or both, the Sohot Functional Approach to Bikram Yoga will rapidly improve your physical and mental performance, particularly if you are in Pain, Injured or lacking Flexibility.

Where to Start

The best way to start is with my 2-hour Online Workshop or join me for one of my Online Classes.  

You should also watch my FREE Webinar and learn the basic principles of the Sohot Method and the science behind why it's so effective at eliminating joint and back pain while developing superior physical and mental performance.