Yoga is more than simply getting yourself into a posture - that mindset is where the trouble starts.

Are you simply going through the motions?

Have you come to the end of the honeymoon period?

What if your yoga practice could give you so much more vitality and agility?



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4 week

Online Yoga Program

for greater

Agility - Vitality - Clarity - Awareness

Yoga can be great at strengthening and healing the body & mind.

 BUT,  it can become so easy to simply go through the motions not gaining any real benefits.  

Simply being able to get yourself into a posture, does not mean you’ll become more agile, active, flexible, stronger, limber or graceful.

Does your yoga practice deliver what you hoped it would?  

Do you feel your body & mind are locked in a battle between each other?

If your yoga practice is not meeting your expectations, maybe it’s time to look at your approach.

Senior yoga teacher Bill Thwaites has seen the devastation caused by having the wrong approach and knows how a simple shift in mindset transforms students into a completely different world.

If you don't know how to correctly apply your strength your body & mind will always work against each other.    That means you will never truly experience the positive force of yoga.

  Yoga is more than simply getting yourself into a posture, that mindset is where the trouble starts.

Bill’s approach is not about making everything easy, it’s about getting students to examine what exactly they are focusing on and that all down to the questions they are asking their body to solve.

Only with the right focus will you fix your Back Pain, Sciatic Pain, Stress, Low Energy, Metabolic Imbalance, Low Self-Esteem, Weight Issue, Poor Mobility & Strength, Insufficient Cardio & Circulatory Health or Sports Injury.

With the wrong focus, you are more likely going aggravate these issues.

To optimize the bio mechanical process you need to start turning off your analytical mind, placing your body in the driving seat.  Your body, not your mind,  is able to intuitively fine-tune the dynamics of a posture, perfecting the required muscle control.  This can only happen if you have imparted the right information over to your body without any misguided instructions.  Simply asking your body to get into a posture is where most students get it wrong.

By asking your body to solve the right question, you quickly discover that peak performance mode called "Flow-State", or as Athletes call it "The Zone".  In this mode your biochemistry is turbo-charged and your whole psychology is on fire.  This is where the real magic happens.

This is when we make giant steps forward.

Elevated body-mind communication pathways result in extraordinary muscle control.

There is no inner voice holding you back. 

There is no thought

There is no stress.

There is no pressure

The body is better able to effortlessly truly master any movement pattern, with more enhanced muscle control.

 If you feel you’re just going through the motion, the conversation between your body and mind is most likely about the position you are able to get yourself in that day - groundhog day.  When you get to this point you need to re-examine that mind-body conversation.  If not, you will end up overstressing your biochemistry causing your body & mind to work against you and you end up wasting your time.

This program is astoundingly effective if you suffer from impaired mobility due to a sports injury or an autoimmune condition such as Arthritis or any other inflammatory condition.

"This program is for everybody, particularly if you have a physical wreck of a body like I had"  Bill Thwaites

“As a senior yoga teacher, I am shocked by how many yoga students up end wasting their time simply going through the motions totally unaware of how to switch their mind state into a relaxed peak performance mode”  Bill Thwaites


“If your looking to improve your joint mobility, gain more strength and stillness of mind, this program is for you”  Bill Thwaites


The Sohot Method

is a 4-week online program that will get you to examine your mindset, that mind-body conversation.  You will be guided through a three-step process.

12 Minutes daily for 4 weeks is all it takes to re-wire your communication pathways, optimizing your muscle control, transitioning your mindset into flow-state.

This program is essential if you're serious about enhancing your studio practice.

 Hot Yoga, Hatha, Yin or Ashtanga

Walk away with a whole new mindset and robust 12-minute home practice routine that establishes correct muscle control so that, in life, you are more active, agile, supple, stronger, alert and aware.

12 Minute Kick Start Routine

As well as a whole new mindset and enhanced mind-body conversation, you will walk away with a robust 12-minute yoga routine particularly effective at repairing you for a 10k run or that hike over the hills, or a full on day at the office.


Why, if you think yoga is about getting yourself into a posture the best you can, you will end up going nowhere or even maybe even a sports style injury.   

The Bio-Mechanics of a yoga posture

The biological process in which yoga is able to enhance joint mobility and build strength.

The correct approach to ensure your stress hormones are working for you and not against you. 

The biochemistry behind why if you have the wrong approach to your yoga you will never enhance your joint mobility.

The questions you need to ask yourself to ensure your stress hormones empower your yoga practice and not deflate it (whatever style you practice).

A powerful strategy to design and create extraordinary physical and mental abilities.

How to change your state for peak performance.

The 3 core stages of development that drives all human behavior and performance, and how to use it to your advantage.

During this program, you will learn that just how much your analytical mind plagues your biochemistry stopping you from slipping into that groove where the real magic lies.

We guarantee you'll be amazed by the results.


If you're new to yoga, looking to learn the correct physical foundations of yoga ensuring you don't waste time grasping the wrong end of the stick, this program is for you.

If you're an ardent Runner, Cyclist, Swimmer, Boxer or passionate about your Weight Training this program will help you take your sport to a whole new level.

Or maybe you're a seasoned yogi (Hot Yoga, Hatha, Yin or Ashtanga) not making headway as much as you would like - this program is for you.

If your a yoga teacher and would like to learn how to retain students by ensuring their development never stagnates and their growth is always positive & rewarding - this program is also for you. 

Unleash the Body Within is a 4-week online comprehensive yoga training program giving all students the tools & insight needed to truly master the physical form of yoga.


The Program includes One-2-One Video Calls with Bill Thwaites, who will be able to address your individual needs.

Created and Presented by Bill Thwaites


Course Structure

The program teaches you the three stages of development we all go through we learning any mind-body activity such as play the piano, dancing or yoga.

You learn how and why the end result of any mind-body training is to disconnect the mind by correctly training the body to be fully in control of your action. (If your mind is active when playing the piano, dancing or practicing yoga you just a beginner lacking the correct training).

You will learn that what you focus on is down to the questions you're asking yourself.

Most people are fully capable of focusing their mind. The program details why all too often students focus is misplaced because they're asking the wrong questions. (They become experts at driving down the wrong road) 

The program teaches will teach you how to re-wire the brain & muscle communication pathways, to correctly utilize strength to expand open the body.

Bill will instruct you in the art of using the body's own innate ability to optimize your muscle control.

You will learn how to overcome your mental limitations by turning off your analytical mind, transitioning into that peak performance state we know as Flow-State, or as athletes call it The Zone.

All too often people doggedly hold on so tightly to a belief they are unable to move forward.  This program helps people lifts that veil.

This online program outlines an alternative perspective on how to get more out of your yoga practice and thereby ensure you don't end up being one of the thousands of people who try yoga but give up because they are unable to move past the initial honeymoon period.

"If you change the way you look at things, the things you look at change."

Walter Dyer

Andre Gide said - “In order to discover new lands, one must be willing to lose sight of the shore".

If you're not ready to lose sight the shore ... you're in the wrong place.

In order to master your yoga, you must be willing to go back to basics, letting go of what you have already learnt.

Are you ready?

To start off with we go through the biochemical processes involved in yoga and get you to examine your mindset to exercise, identifying the right question you should ask yourself to have the right focus 

You are then guided through a robust 12-minute home practice routine in a step-by-step approach ensuring you develop the right muscle control that opens all the joints of the body in a complete range of orientations optimizing your strength and joint mobility

With the correct muscle control in place, you are guided through the final stage of the process where you switch into flow-state or the zone, where your body takes full control and the mind is simply an observer.   This is where the real magic happens.

If you also practice a longer routine at your local yoga studio this 12-minute routine ensures your joints are kept nicely lubricated and your muscle memory is not lost in between your studio visits, which will profoundly accelerate your development.

It's taken Bill Thwaites over ten years to develop and refine this course personally coaching hot yoga to well over 6,000 people and his own personal arduous rocky road getting his stubborn arthritic body into shape.

We guarantee this course will transform everybody to a whole new level.

Students with an existing practice are always astounded when they discover what their body can really do when they're not being constrained by the paradigm they set up in their first few months as a beginner.

At the end of the course, you'll be able to analyze, dissect, embody and master any hatha yoga posture thrown your way.


Anthony - "That 12-routine is insanely effective".

Hollie Sanders - "Lower back & sciatic pain 100% gone.  I have my life back.  Thank you so so much, Bill".

Eve Flores - "Oh my god Bill's approach is a silver bullet.  My immovable hips are now back in action". 

Craig Martin - "10 years I've been practicing Bikram yoga thinking I was quite good.  Now it's like I'm playing a completely different game.. the results are shockingly astounding".

Sarhra - "Everyone who practices yoga is crazy not to do this course".

Jacob - "My wife and I practice the 12-minute routine every morning.  It has transformed our lives".

Emily Davis - "Bill explains and demonstrates the principles so well.  I can now switch into flow-state like flicking a switch".

Michael Hooper - "What I absorbed on Bill's program has also changed my cycling, swimming and strength training, producing outstanding improvements.  It's more than a yoga course".

Esme Cullen  - "Surpasses all my expectations".

Anna Hayes - "Profoundly opened my body and mind".

Megan - "All yoga teachers should know this stuff"

Lucas Gonzalez - "God I'm so much stronger and that mind battle gone".

Bonnie - "Finally I'm winning the battle ... I am now hiking again ... If you knew my story you'll be amazed at that".


  • Course Content

    The 12-minute home practice routine
    Posture analysis
    The what & why of the routine postures
    The 3 Stages of development
    How to Transition out of the Beginners Mindset to the next level
    The relationship between Strength & Flexibility
    The Human Variability: theoretical alignment vs perfect alignment
    Why people cling to their Beginners Mindset
    Where to place your focus and the questions you need to ask yourself
    The art of listening
    The Power of Visualisation
    How to conquer your monkey mind
    Breath control
    The power of a routine
    Personalising your routines
    Managing your relationship with the heat
    How to eliminate injury
    How to let go of pain & tension, dizziness, shaking muscles...
    And so much more

  • Direct Access

    You will get direct access to Bill Thwaites Via One-2-One video call. He will be able to answer any questions and topics not covered on the course. Calls take place every Thursday morning and Tuesday Evenings, with the occasional Sunday afternoons.

  • Social

    We're stronger together as a team

    You’ll will be able to join our ... Unleash The Body Within ... ... Facebook Group ... connecting with others, sharing your results; the highs & lows; tips & stories.

    Bill will be posting a whole load of extra advice, sharing his experience from having mentored yoga teachers and supporting the 75,000 Sohot members over the years.

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If you're not sure and have questions, book a FREE 15 Minute One-2-One video call with Bill Thwaites and he will answer any questions you have.
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