Small Changes can Produce Huge Results

Small Changes can Produce Huge Results

As a Hot Yoga Student does it ever feel like you’re losing the Health & Fitness battle?

Do you feel ‘stuck’ in groundhog day with your body refusing to budge, no matter how much you practice yoga or eat a "healthy diet"?

Do you feel powerless to control your stress levels and just cannot stop wishing you could rip your boss's head off?

Do you struggle with endless bouts of back or neck pain?

What, not again, yet another cold!  Do you keep getting the flu? 

Do you feel helpless over food cravings? 

Maybe you’ve been struggling with low energy level for years on end.

You’ve been to doctor after doctor and been told an array of conflicting opinions and solutions, most of which involve taking some pill or other.

Even then, every pill, treatment, and trusted remedy have failed.

You’ve tried everything to cure what doctors are calling ‘common’ ailments… 

High blood pressure, low energy, chronic back pain, inflammation, autoimmune conditions such as arthritis and the mountain of other debilitating bodily challenges modern day man is having to grapple with.

Or maybe you’ve done everything you can to drop unwanted, stubborn weight that’s keeping you from the fit, youthful, and healthy body you crave.  You hope to one day finally free yourself of those lingering pounds.  But nothing is working.

Your body just isn’t behaving the way that you want…and it’s dragging you away from the lifestyle you desire.

You’ve put in tireless effort to defeat your challenges and improve your health, only to be blocked… again.

It’s almost like your body is rejecting the best version of you at every turn.


What Am I Really Fighting Against?

Perhaps you’ve heard this before…

If any of these statements sound like you, you're not alone. Millions of us are in a battle, yet we don’t know the true cause of our issues.

  • “I’m just born this way.”

  • “Everyone in my family deals with this issue. I inherited it.”

  • “My doctor said I should just learn to manage it."

  • “I just can’t lose the weight. I’ll always be this size.”

  • "I know .... I just have to learn to love my body as it is and except it ain't going to change"


Ok, enough of the problems let's talk solutions.

First off, check out the About Page so you can get some idea of who we are.

The past 10 years of scientific research has overturned our entire understanding of longevity and health.   We are now understanding how the rapid changes over the past 60 years are affecting our longevity and everyday health.

These changes boil down to three key areas - Nutritional Health, Physical Health, and Mental health. 

This means if you're ever going to experience a joyful and rewarding life you're going to have to focus on improving each of these three areas.

There's no point placing all your time and energy religiously practicing a 90-minute yoga class 4 times a week if you don't spend any time addressing your nutritional or mental health.   The science is vividly clear you have to be more holistic in your approach.

Sohot Lifestyle is about how best to establish better lifestyle habits to improve nutritional health, physical health, and mental health. We offer a range of online courses and coaching programs to help you achieve this.

Our approach embraces the science and our experience having helped over 80,000 people establish healthier lifestyles.

We know how brutal life can be and we know what it feels like to finally no longer have to battle against the prevailing wind.

Guiding you from thinking to doing to being

If you want to tackle just your physical health we suggest you start with Hot Yoga

However, as much as we believe hot yoga should be the cornerstone  your physical health, it not everything.

To optimize your physical health you need to spit your time and energy optimizing three key areas

1 - Mobility

2 - Strength

3 - Cardio

These are listed in the order of importance.

All too often people you rush out to buy a new pair of Nike trainers and start running around the block for cardio.  But first  you need to ensure you have sufficient mobility. 

If you have stiff joints, going for a run will just negatively stress out your body.  

Even then if you start running without sufficient core strength, your body and mind will go into meltdown wondering what the hell you're doing.

But again before you hit the gym for some strength training you need to ensure you have sufficient mobility.

Only once you have developed sufficient mobility & awareness with hot yoga should you think about tackling your cardiovascular system with running or HIIT.

Hot Yoga is not the be all and end all of physical exercise, as some claim, but it should be considered as the foundational element from which to explore other activities.  Hot Yoga will give you the essential mobility and mind-body connection to be able to then work on activities that target core strength and enhanced cardio performance.

Check out our Sohot Method - 3 Step Approach Program