Lead by

the acclaimed

senior hot yoga teacher

Bill Thwaites

 Yoga Alliance Teacher Training Certification


Next Generation

26 &  2

Hot Yoga

Teacher Training

Online Interactive Classroom environment

where everyone will be learning and interacting together as a group.

Walk away classroom-ready, qualified to teach at any hot yoga studio, your local gym or Online.

250 Hour

 Yoga Alliance Teacher Training Certification

Created and lead by the highly acclaimed senior hot yoga teacher Bill Thwaites

  • Deepen your practice – enhance your understanding of poses from the inside out and experience them in new and interesting ways. Learn yoga anatomy, alignment, key actions and modifications.

  • Learn to teach – whether you ever teach a yoga class post-training or not there is value in practice teaching. What you gain from the opportunity to teach others ripples out into all areas of your life. Learn to guide a group of people through an experience and lead them to a common goal, develop the art of public speaking and learn to use language with greater clarity, efficiency and potency, build confidence, stay grounded in yourself no matter what the outer circumstances, hone the skill of trusting your intuition, and speak from the heart.

  • Focus on you – teacher training is an investment in you; your health, and your growth. Sure your responsibilities will still be there, but you just might find them easier to manage after some dedicated time for yourself.

  • Get in shape, feel great – There's nothing like practicing 26+2 everyday to give a boost to your health and wellness. You feel more energetic and vibrant than ever. Your friends and family will notice. we promise!

  • Gain a broader understanding beyond the physical poses – there is only so much we can do in a class. This is an opportunity to explore and embody the subtleties of the practice such as pranayama, meditation, awareness and switching into the zone

  • Explore yoga philosophy – what is the history of yoga? where does it come from? Why is it still applicable today? Understand the history of hatha yoga and the science at the heart of Hatha yoga and the powerful 26+2 sequence.

  • Cultivate lasting and meaningful relationships – walking the path of yoga is more meaningful when others walk the path with us. The bonds that are created during teacher training last a lifetime. immerse yourself in community and deepen your connection with Breathe, our teachers, and fellow students.

  • Accelerate transformation in your life – have you ever finished a yoga class feeling like the best you? Setting down old ways of being and living in alignment with our most centred, conscious self is what transformation is all about, and it is at the core of yoga. In teacher training, there is an individual and collective experience of transformation taking shape. Learning happens at a faster rate and the best in all of you is reflected back more consistently, inspiring you to live bigger and brighter!

  • You love the 26+2 sequence and why not dive deeper into something that brings you peace and happiness. Expand your knowledge of what you are passionate about and share that passion with others!

  • Words simply cannot express the magnitude of the experience and its power to change your life. Often, upon completion of a teacher training, students reflect on their experience and realize that they would like to share the beauty of this practice to others. Even if you choose not to teach the outcome is extremely positive; your confidence will soar, the practice will take root, and the inspiration from training will fuel any number of transformations in your life – all good returns on your investment. Yoga teacher training is a substantial commitment of your energy, time, and finances; and it’s not an easy decision.

Sohot The Next Generation

Teaching yoga within an online interactive environment is nothing new to us.

Over the past two years, most of our work has been online helping people restore their health and vitality, with clients all over the UK, America, India, Canada and Europe.

Even before this pandemic, it was clear that all yoga teachers will have to adapt to the power of teaching online.

As we emerge out of this pandemic demand for high-quality, forward-thinking yoga teachers will be more than ever before.  

As a Yoga Alliance Accredited 250hr Hot 26 + 2 Teacher Training course all students will be awarded a Yoga Alliance Teaching Certificate,  able to obtain their yoga teacher liability insurance. 

"The secret of change is to focus all of your energy, not on fighting the old, but on building the new": Socrates

Our hot yoga teacher training program encapsulates the knowledge gained from teaching over 80,000 students and the rapidly advancing field of longevity and sports recover.

Our classroom-ready hot yoga teacher training program is the next evolution, embracing a more forward-thinking approach. 

Tomorrow's yoga teachers must be able to effectively help the growing number of students over the age of forty looking to restore, strengthen and maintain functional movement and increase muscle mass,  which as we age we all tend to lose.

Teaching someone with a dance background is an entirely different ball game to teaching the average 40+ student with stiff, inflexible joints.

To ensure full-class sizes, you’re going have to teach both the young and old ... but how do you teach both?   That’s a good question—a question we fully explore on this course.  

In this course, you’re going to have to think.

Bill Thwaites, the senior teacher, leading you through this course, is not just going to plough through the biomechanics and common pitfalls of each posture with an expectation you’ll remember it all in six months.

Bill is going to give you the insight and knowledge to figure that out for yourself.   Not only will you walk away with a full understanding of the 26 postures in the hot yoga series, but you’ll also be able to fully dissect and dismember any posture you may come across as you develop and grow as a yoga teacher.

You’ll know how to modify a posture correctly, that doesn't merely pacify the student which most modifications sadly do.

With this knowledge, you’ll be able to help and retain significantly more students.

Your capacity as a teacher is underpinned by your ability to help everyone build greater strength and freedom of movement.  When you have that in place, you can genuinely open out your ability as a teacher.

It’s the essential tool kit you need if you are to help a more diverse range of students, not just the dancer types but the rapidly growing number of students over 40. 

The teachers of tomorrow have to up their game, now is not the time to rest on our laurels.

You will walk away from this course with the capacity to walk into any hot yoga studio throughout the world and confidently teach a diverse range of students helping them move their health and vitality forward.

Or if you prefer you could become a Sohot Teacher teaching online.  The world is now truly at your doorstep. 



Start practising Bill's LiveStream Classes.  

You'll get a good idea of Bill's style and method of teaching.

You'll discover just how effective Bill is at correcting a student purely with the power of words.

... if you like Bill's approach go onto step 2.


Read through the syllabus.


At the end of a LiveStream Class inform Bill of your interest to join the Teacher Training Program.


If all goes well you could be teaching at your local hot yoga studio sooner that you think.


or you may prefer to join the growing number of teachers achieve great success teaching online.

SOHOT LiveStream

or maybe you would like to teach for us, becoming a bonafide Sohot LiveStream teacher, coaching students from all over the globe.  Then you won't have to deal with the headache of building a website, marketing, sales funnels, taking payments online, cloud recordings and a whole lot more.  You just focus on teaching your own set of students.

Everyone has more options today than ever before .... now is your time.

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