Every day hundreds of people STOP practicing yoga because their flexibility hasn't improved.

Other people STOP because their stress levels remain unchanged and they still what to rip their boss's head off.

 And let's not forget all those people who STOP because they've developed a yoga-related injury.

This is because they lack the right mindset.  They mistakenly think a yoga posture is something they have to stretch themselves in to - that attitude is where the trouble starts.


The solution is in


All it takes is insight


our 4-Week Online

Immersion Yoga Program

Guaranteed to develop enhanced muscle control to strengthen and open the body


Flexibility - Strength - Awareness - Stillness


The most complete yoga immersion course ever created

 The Sohot 12-minute Yoga Routine

Scientifically developed

In this 4-week online immersion program, you are introduced to our scientifically developed  Sohot 12-Minute Yoga Routine.

This byte sized all-body routine truly packs a punch.  It is more effective than any standard full-blown yoga class.  You get far better results in a fraction of the time.

What makes it so unique is the way we do the postures.   Improvements in flexibility and strength are off the chart and with a profound ability to cultivate a positive state of mind.  It was developed especially for people who have bodies that refuse to budge and those who struggle to quieten and focus the mind

Typically in all the various styles of yoga, your objective is to mindfully position yourself "into" a posture.  A posture is seen as something you "get into".

What makes this Sohot 12-Minute Yoga Routine so effective, is that we don't see a yoga posture as something you must "get into", but something you must "open out to".  Opening out to a posture is a diametrically opposite mindset to someone seeking to get into a posture.   Both mindsets are challenging except, only one packs a punch in its ability to heal and strengthens the body and mind.

Yoga can be great at strengthening and healing.

 But with the standard approach, it can become so easy to simply go through the motions without any real benefits.  

Simply trying to stretch yourself into a posture isn’t enough to give you any significant benefits.  That mindset only makes matters worse.

If you don't know how to correctly apply your strength, your body & mind will always work against each other

Senior yoga teacher, Bill Thwaites, has seen the devastation caused by having the wrong approach and knows how a simple shift in mindset transforms students into a completely different world. 

The Sohot Method of yoga is about the application of strength to open the body with an aware and calm mind

"A yoga posture is not something you stretch yourself in too,  it’s something you open out too"  - Bill Thwaites

The Sohot Method is NOT about making everything easy, it’s about getting students to examine their intentions and what exactly they are focusing on.  That's all down to the questions they are asking their body to solve.

Only with the right focus will you fix your Back Pain, Sciatic Pain, Stress, Low Energy, Metabolic Imbalance, Low Self-Esteem, Weight Issues, Poor Mobility & Strength, Insufficient Cardio & Circulatory Health or Sports Injury.

With the wrong focus, you are more likely  to aggravate these issues.

This program is astoundingly effective if you suffer from impaired mobility due to a sports injury or an autoimmune condition such as Arthritis or any other inflammatory condition.


The Sohot Method

In this 4-week online immersion program, you are guided through a three-step journey,  re-wiring your communication pathways to correctly apply your strength to open the body and transition the mind into flow-state.

For those of you who have an existing yoga practice this program is essential if you're serious about gaining the full health and vitality benefits yoga can bring. 

You will walk away with a shockingly robust whole body 12-minute yoga routine and a mind & body conversation that guarantees correct muscle control so that you are more flexible, stronger, agile, alert and aware.

The Sohot 12-minute yoga routine is particularly effective at preparing you for that hike over the hills, or a 10K run or a full day at the office.  It's powerful stuff.


The science behind why the Sohot 12-minutes yoga routine is far more effective than a standard yoga class.

The science behind why if you see a yoga posture as something you need to stretch yourself into, you will, end up going nowhere.    

The Biomechanics of a yoga posture

The biological process in which yoga is able to enhance joint mobility and build strength.

The biochemistry behind why if you have the wrong approach to your yoga you will never enhance your joint mobility.

How to change your state for peak performance.

The three stages of development we all have to journey through when learning any mind-body activity such as playing the piano, dancing or yoga.

During this program, you will learn just how much your analytical mind plagues your biochemistry stopping you from slipping into that groove where the real magic lies.

We guarantee you'll be amazed by the results.


If you're looking for a short extremely potent all-body yoga routine that provides outstanding flexibility, strength, and clarity of mind, then this program is for you. 

Or maybe you're totally new to yoga and before you visit your local yoga studio you wish to learn the correct physical foundations of yoga ensuring you don't waste time grasping the wrong end of the stick, then this program is for you.

If you're a seasoned yogi (Hot Yoga, Hatha, Yin or Ashtanga) not making headway as much as you would like - this program is for you.

If you're an ardent Runner, Cyclist, Swimmer, Boxer or passionate about your Weight Training this program will help you take your sport to a whole new level.

If your a yoga teacher and would like to learn how to retain students by ensuring their development never stagnates and their growth is always positive & rewarding - this program is also for you. 

Unleash the Body Within is a 4-week online comprehensive yoga training program giving all students the tools & insight needed to truly master the physical form of yoga.


For an additional fee, the Program includes a One-on-One coaching video Call with Bill Thwaites, who will be able to address your individual needs.

Created and Presented by Bill Thwaites



Anthony - "That 12-routine is insanely effective".

Hollie Sanders - "Lower back & sciatic pain 100% gone.  I have my life back.  Thank you so so much, Bill".

Eve Flores - "Oh my god Bill's approach is a silver bullet.  My immovable hips are now back in action". 

Craig Martin - "10 years I've been practicing Bikram yoga thinking I was quite good.  Now it's like I'm playing a completely different game.. the results are shockingly astounding".

Sarhra - "Everyone who practices yoga is crazy not to do this course".

Jacob - "My wife and I practice the 12-minute routine every morning.  It has transformed our lives".

Emily Davis - "Bill explains and demonstrates the principles so well.  I can now switch into flow-state like flicking a switch".

Michael Hooper - "What I absorbed on Bill's program has also changed my cycling, swimming and strength training, producing outstanding improvements.  It's more than a yoga course".

Esme Cullen  - "Surpasses all my expectations".

Anna Hayes - "Profoundly opened my body and mind".

Megan - "All yoga teachers should know this stuff"

Lucas Gonzalez - "God I'm so much stronger and that mind battle has gone".

Bonnie - "Finally I'm winning the battle ... I am now hiking again ... If you knew my story you'll be amazed at that".

Course curriculum

  • 1
    • READ ME
    • What to do if you get stuck
    • What & Why
    • What & Why - Your answers
    • What The Hell?
  • 2
    The Nuts and Bolt
    • Welcome (3mins)
    • Stages of Development (9mins)
    • Core Principles : Part One (12mins)
    • Core Principles : Part Two (3mins)
    • Core Principles : Part Three (11mins)
  • 3
    Week One - Routine and Postures
    • READ ME - What To Do - Week 1
    • Deep Breathing (4mins)
    • Half Moon Side Flexion (3mins)
    • Half Moon Back Bend (3mins)
    • Hands to Feet (4mins)
    • Home Practice Routine Part 1 (3mins)
    • Home Practice Routine Part 1 : Audio Only
  • 4
    Catch Up, Feedback, Quizzes, etc
    • Short Quiz
  • 5
    Week Two - Routine and Postures
    • READ ME - What To Do - Week 2
    • Time for a testimonial
    • Book Your One-2-One NOW
    • Runners Lunge (4mins)
    • Low Lunge (2mins)
    • Pigeon (3mins)
    • Downward Dog (3mins)
    • Home Practice Routine Part 2 (7mins)
    • Home Practice Routine Part 2 : Audio Only
  • 6
    Catch Up, Feedback, Quizzes, etc
    • Thoughts Please
  • 7
    Week Three - Routine and Postures
    • READ ME - What To Do - Week 3
    • Awkward (3mins)
    • Eagle (5mins)
    • Standing Separate Leg Stretching (6mins)
    • Standing Bow (3mins))
    • Seated Spine Twist (2mins)
    • Home Practice Routine Part 3 - Full Routine (12mins)
    • Home Practice Routine Part 3 - Audio Only
  • 8
    Week Four
    • The Final Frontier (8mins)
    • Week Four Homework
    • Full Routine Home Practice Routine (12mins)
    • Full Routine Home Practice Routine - Audio Only
  • 9
    Week Five .....
    • Infinity and Beyond (11mins)
    • Thoughts Please