This course is specifically designed to enhance joint mobility while reducing pain incorporating my Sohot Method.

Don't worry if you've not attended any of my classes or workshops, everything you need to get started on your yoga journey is in this course.

At the heart of this course is a 12 minute home practice routine which was initially designed for our Bikram yoga students Olivia Williams and Adeel Akhtar to practice while working on the film Victoria and Abdul.    

You will be taken, step by step all the way.

By correctly focusing your effort you will:

Relieving Back-Pain, Muscle Tension and Stiffness

Boost energy and vitality

Restore Flexibility

Increase Strength

For all shapes and sizes

Course Curriculum

The course content is drip-fed to you in 4 modules.  It's up to you how quickly you progress through these modules but we think it takes 4 weeks to fully programme into your muscle memory.

Step-by-step you learn how to reprogram your subconscious body & mind to intuitively open out, creating space within the framework of the postures.

All you need is a computer or smartphone to watch the video material.

In each module, you have to work through a collection of workshops and put into practice what you have learnt by practising a short yoga routine.

in each module more postures are added to the yoga routine, ultimately building up to a powerful 12-minute whole-body yoga routine.  As you progress through the course material and practise routines,  you enhance your physical & mental ability to create space and open out.

Be prepared, healing the body is not about sitting on the sidelines.  You have to use 100% of your strength to open out.  It's physically demanding. 

In the final module, you learn how to incorporate this technique into the various style of yoga, particularly Hot Yoga.   Also, you will learn, why & how you are now able to switch into a state of mindful meditation (The Zone) as your subconscious body & mind intuitively opens out, creating space.

Module 1 you work through

  • 5 workshops covering the Science and Core Principles (total 28 minutes)
  • 4 Posture workshops (14 minutes in total) 
  • The first daily routine which you are to practice.

Module 2 you work through

  • 4 posture workshops (12 minutes in total)
  • Second daily yoga routine which you are to practice.

Module 3 you work through

  • 5 posture workshops (19 minutes in total)
  • The third daily routine which you are to practice.

Module 4 you work through

  • 2 workshops (19 minutes in total)
  • Final 12-minute whole-body yoga routine. 


Sally - OMG! Now having reprogrammed my body to automatically open out, my Ashtanga Vinyasa and Hot Yoga has been transformed.  I have far more power than I ever thought possible.

Anthony - "That 12-routine is insanely effective".

Hollie Sanders - "Lower back & sciatic pain 100% gone.  I have my life back.  Thank you so so much, Bill".

Eve Flores - "Oh my god Bill's technique is a silver bullet.  My immovable hips are now back in action". 

Craig Martin - "10 years I've been practicing Bikram yoga thinking I was quite good.  Now it's like I'm playing a completely different game.. the results are shockingly astounding".

Sarhra - "Everyone who practices yoga is crazy not to do this course".

Jacob - "My wife and I practice the 12-minute routine every morning.  It has transformed our lives".

Emily Davis - "Bill explains and demonstrates the principles so well. I can now switch into flow-state like flicking a switch when practicing my hot yoga.

Michael Hooper - "What I absorbed on Bill's program has also changed my cycling, swimming and strength training, producing outstanding improvements. It's more than a yoga course".

Esme Cullen  - "Surpasses all my expectations".

Anna Hayes - "Profoundly opened my body and mind".

Megan - "All yoga teachers should know this stuff"

Lucas Gonzalez - "God I'm so much stronger and that mind battle has gone".

Bonnie - "Finally I'm winning the battle ... I am now hiking again ... If you knew my story you'll be amazed at that".

Created by the highly acclaimed

Senior Hot Yoga Teacher

Bill Thwaites

clients include

Lady Gaga

Benedict Cumberbatch

Hayley Atwell

Robert Downey Jr

Oliva Williams

Toby Jones

Adeel Akhtar

and many more.

OVER 6,000 Successful Students