Are you suffering from aches & pains in the hips, knees, neck or lower back ?

Are you recovering from a sports injury ?

Is your mobility suffering due to inflammation within the joints, such as arthritis ?

The science is clearthe only way to heal & strengthen the body is when you apply strength to OPEN OUT to the framework of a yoga posture

This is totally different to the standardised approach of trying to position your body INTO a posture.

Opening Out to a posture is a completely different process to that of positioning your body Into a posture.  If you're looking to enhance your health & vitality, you have to learn to Open Out


is an online course that teaches students to intuitively OPEN OUT to the framework of a posture. 

It's a more powerful mind & body conversation.

In all the various styles of yoga the teachers are predominantly focusing on the beginners helping them fuse the underlying framework of the postures into their muscle memory.   This is best done by learning how to get INTO the various postures.

However, when you look at the science continually stretching yourself INTO a posture, like a gymnast, does not help the body heal or become healthier.

On the other hand, when you start training to OPEN OUT to the framework of a posture you rapidly enhance the body's natural ability to heal & strengthen itself.   

As you open out, you create space within every joint in the body enabling the synovial fluid & spinal fluid to easily flow,  bring in nutrients and removing the waste.   This whole process boosts the body's natural ability to repair & strengthen itself.

Also, Opening Out builds far greater muscle and tendon strength.

As your body opens your alignment naturally slots into place and your flexibility, strength and awareness explode.

After completing this course, your body will intuitively OPEN OUT to the postures,  immediately advancing the full health benefits of practicing yoga.

Your ability to Opening Out is enhanced even more when you practice in a heated studio.

It's now time to Let Go of your Beginner's Mindset of Stretching yourself INTO things.

The true healing power of Bikram hot yoga only comes when you focus on applying your strength to OPEN the Body with an Aware & Calm Mind.

Getting yourself INTO a posture is a polar opposite mindset to that of OPENING OUT

It's a more advanced mind & body conversation.

Your studio class is unchanged - just your approach is enhanced and your results explode.

Created by the highly acclaimed  Senior Bikram Hot Yoga Teacher : Bill Thwaites


The Course

Unleash the Body Within

is an online immersion course that trains the subconscious body & mind to intuitively open out to the framework of a yoga posture. 

As well as establishing an enhanced approach to yoga,  you walk away with a scientifically devised 12 minute whole body yoga routine that builds & maintains your flexibility & strength on the days you are unable to attend studio classes.   This ensures you don't experience that yoyo effect when you are unable able to attend class.

You'll be able to switch into a state of Mindful Meditation and experience that peak performance mode known as the Zone.

Your joint mobility and physical strength will surpass what you thought was possible.

We guarantee you'll be amazed by the results.

What you will learn

The science behind how the body heals itself and why you profoundly enhance this process when you apply strength to open out the body.

The Biomechanics of a yoga posture.

Why and how yoga can very easily aggravate an injury.

The Biological process in which yoga is able to enhance joint mobility and build strength.

How to reprogram your muscle firing patterns to open the body.

How to change you state for peak performance. (Flow State)

The three stage of development we all have to journey through when leaning any mind-body activity such as playing the piano, dancing , boxing, or yoga.

You will learn just how much your analytical mind plagues your biochemistry stopping you from discovering the meditative nature of Hatha yoga,  which is where the real magic lies.

This course gets you to examine your intentions and what exactly are you asking your subconscious body & mind to solve.

Only with the right focus will you fix your Back Pain, Sciatic Pain, Stress, Low Energy, Metabolic Imbalance, Low Self-Esteem, Weight Issues, Poor Mobility & Strength, Insufficient Cardio & Circulatory Health or Sports Injury.

Scientifically devised 12 minute whole body yoga routine that builds & maintains your flexibility,  strength and awareness.

Course Curriculum

The course content is drip fed to you in weekly modules.

Step-by-step you learn how to reprogram your subconscious body & mind to intuitively open out, creating space within the framework of the postures.

All you need is a computer or smartphone to watch the video material.

Each week you have to work through a collection of workshops and put into practice what you have learnt by practicing a short yoga routine.

Each week more postures are added to the yoga routine, ultimately building up a powerful 12-minute whole body routine.  As you progress through the course material and practice routines,  you enhance your physical & mental ability to create space and open out.

Be prepared, healing the body is not about sitting on the sidelines.  You have to use 100% of your strength to open out.  It's physically demanding. 

In the final week you learn how to incorporate this approach into the various style of yoga, particularly Hot Yoga.   Also you will learn, why & how you are now able to switch into a state of mindful meditation (The Zone) as your subconscious body & mind intuitively opens out, creating space.

Week 1 you work through

  • 5 workshops covering the the Science and Core Principles (total 28 minutes)
  • 4 Posture workshops (14 minutes in total) 
  • First week's daily routine which you are to practice throughout week 1

Week 2 you work through

  • 4 posture workshops (12 minutes in total)
  • Second week's daily yoga routine which you are to practice throughout week 2

Week 3 you work through

  • 5 posture workshops (19 minutes in total)
  • Third week's daily routine which you are to practice throughout week 3

Week 4 you work through

  • 2 workshops (19 minutes in total)
  • Final 12 minute whole body yoga routine. 

Unleash The Body Within : Hot Yoga Course

ONLY £76

This course was designed as a 4-week immersion program.   However, we know life has a habit of getting in the way,  so we give you access to course material for 6 months.

14 Day Money Back Guarantee

If this program isn't working for you we offer a
No Quibble Full Refund
within 14 days of purchase


Anthony - "That 12-routine is insanely effective".

Hollie Sanders - "Lower back & sciatic pain 100% gone.  I have my life back.  Thank you so so much, Bill".

Eve Flores - "Oh my god Bill's approach is a silver bullet.  My immovable hips are now back in action". 

Craig Martin - "10 years I've been practicing Bikram yoga thinking I was quite good.  Now it's like I'm playing a completely different game.. the results are shockingly astounding".

Sarhra - "Everyone who practices yoga is crazy not to do this course".

Jacob - "My wife and I practice the 12-minute routine every morning.  It has transformed our lives".

Emily Davis - "Bill explains and demonstrates the principles so well.  I can now switch into flow-state like flicking a switch".

Michael Hooper - "What I absorbed on Bill's program has also changed my cycling, swimming and strength training, producing outstanding improvements.  It's more than a yoga course".

Esme Cullen  - "Surpasses all my expectations".

Anna Hayes - "Profoundly opened my body and mind".

Megan - "All yoga teachers should know this stuff"

Lucas Gonzalez - "God I'm so much stronger and that mind battle has gone".

Bonnie - "Finally I'm winning the battle ... I am now hiking again ... If you knew my story you'll be amazed at that".

What's it all about


Written by Senior Bikram Hot Yoga Teacher : Bill Thwaites

This online course programs your subconscious body & mind to intuitly open out to the framework of the postures opposed to the beginner approach of stretching into thing.

Yoga teachers are predominantly focused on instructing beginners the underlying framework of the postures.   After 6 months of practice, the basic structure of the postures will have been programmed into your muscle memory.  You are now ready to let go of that beginner's approach. 

Science has shown the real power of Bikram hot yoga only comes when you focus on applying your strength to OPEN the Body with an Aware & Calm Mind.   

Unfortunately students end up going into the hot room, attacking the postures with the same headspace cultivated as a beginner.  This means they never gain the full health benefits hot yoga can bring.

I too was guilty of this, for many years. 

This next phase is where you discover the real magic of the Bikram style of hot yoga to heal and strengthen the body & mind.

OPENING OUT to a posture requires more strength than simply getting into things.  You use totally different muscle firing patterns.  As your body opens your alignment improves and your flexibility, strength and awareness explode.

Your class remains the same but now your approach truly heals and strengthens your body and mind. 

It's the most effective, safe, training approach that yields undeniable results.