Restore Flexibility


Increase Strength

in just 4-weeks

For all shapes and sizes

The Science of Success

Relieving Back-Pain, Stiffness, Tension and Stress



Who is this course for?

  • If you're 45+, not wishing to go downhill anymore you are going to love this course.

  • 26+2 Hot yoga knuckleheads looking to add rocket fuel to their home or studio practice.

  • If you are recovering from a sports injury?

  • Anyone who's had enough of suffering from aches and pains in the hips, lower back, knees, neck or shoulders?

  • Anyone looking to learn how to forge a greater mind and body connection.

  • If you wish to discover how to unlock the real power of Hatha yoga.

Created by the highly acclaimed

Senior Hot Yoga Teacher

Bill Thwaites

clients include

Lady Gaga

Benedict Cumberbatch

Hayley Atwell

Robert Downey Jr

Oliva Williams

Toby Jones

Adeel Akhtar

and many more.

OVER 6,000 Successful Students 

Now in his '60s, Bill Thwaites is fighting fit, but getting his creaky arthritic body into working-order was no fun and games. However, he did learn a lot along the way.

  • Sadly most flexible yoga teachers suffer chronic joint problems as they age because in their mind yoga is about stretching into things.

  • Stretching sabotages the average 45+ person from restoring and strengthen their range of motion.

  • Stretching your body into submission doesn't work.

  • Stretching does NOT improve flexibility.

  • Stretching destroys functional strength.

  • Stretching does NOT repair the spine or help the body recover from deep-seated back pain.

The Magic Key 

is to correctly master how you use your strength to expand out within a yoga posture - NOT stretch into them.

That requires a completely different use of strength.  It's a more enhanced mind and body connection.

No matter how old, inflexible or injured you are this course will change your life.

Step-by-Step Guide

  • Restore, strengthen and maintain functional movement, while increasing muscle mass - in 4 weeks.

  • Walk away with an enhanced ability to get yourself back on the dance floor, ride your bike, walk that trail, climb that mountain, or play baseball with the kids.

  • Break the cycle of pain & suffering that comes from injury, arthritis, or simply being slumped over a computer all day

  • Enhanced understand of the real power of Hatha yoga, without mumbo jumbo just science facts

  • Real results, particularly is you have a body that refuses to move.

This course goes through each posture in detail with unique posture workshop videos, complete with vector diagrams, for those of us who learn visually.


Despite the fact that flexible yoga teachers love getting into things, when you look at the science, continually stretching yourself INTO a posture like a gymnast does not support the body's healing process.

Nothing is gained by continually trying to perfect the art of getting INTO things, though unfortunately, that's what too many students do. 

However, when you OPEN OUT to a posture, your body comes alive.

It's a more advanced mind & body conversation.

Through our experience teaching over 80,000 students, we identified that, to maximize the body's natural ability to repair & strengthen itself; the joints & spine have to be pulled OPEN,  without any compression. 

When a joint is compressed, the synovial fluid within the joint is unable to do its job of bringing in nutrients and removing the waste.  

Also, OPENING OUT builds far greater functional muscle and tendon strength.  Functional strength is what you need to for hiking, running, swimming and to jump back on the dance floor.

As your body opens, your natural alignment slots into place and your flexibility, strength & awareness explode.

After completing this course, your body will intuitively OPEN OUT,  immediately advancing the full health benefits of practising yoga.

If you've been practice yoga for some time, it's now time to let go of your beginner's technique of stretching yourself INTO things.

The real healing power of yoga only comes when you focus on applying your strength to OPEN the Body with an Aware & Calm Mind.

Bikram Hot Yoga, Jivamukti, Vinyasa, Iyengar, Ashtanga, Yin are all expressions of Hatha yoga.  If you practice any of these styles, your studio class will remain unchanged - just your technique is enhanced, and your results explode.

The Course

Unleash the Body Within

is an online immersion course that trains the subconscious body & mind to intuitively open out to the framework of a yoga posture.   This involves enhancing your body's capacity to correctly apply strength. 

As well as establishing an enhanced technique to yoga,  you walk away with a scientifically devised 12 minute whole body yoga routine that builds & maintains your flexibility & strength on the days you are unable to attend studio classes.   This ensures you don't experience that yoyo effect when you are unable able to attend class.

Due to the nature of your enhanced mindbody conversation you'll discover how to switch into a state of Mindful Meditation and experience that peak performance mode known as the Zone.

Your joint mobility and physical strength will surpass what you thought was possible.

We guarantee you'll be amazed by the results.

You Will Learn

The science behind how the body heals itself and why you profoundly enhance this process when you apply strength to open out the body.

The Biomechanics of a yoga posture.

Why and how yoga can very easily aggravate an injury.

The Biological process in which yoga is able to enhance joint mobility and build strength.

How to reprogram your muscle firing patterns to open the body.

How to change you state for peak performance (Flow State).

The three stages of development we all have to journey through when leaning any mind-body activity such as playing the piano, dancing, boxing, or yoga.

You will learn just how much your analytical mind plagues your biochemistry stopping you from discovering the meditative nature of Hatha yoga,  which is where the real magic lies.

This course gets you to examine your intentions and what exactly are you asking your subconscious body & mind to solve.

Only with the right focus will you fix your Back Pain, Sciatic Pain, Stress, Low Energy, Metabolic Imbalance, Low Self-Esteem, Weight Issues, Poor Mobility & Strength, Insufficient Cardio & Circulatory Health or Sports Injury.

Scientifically devised 12 minute whole body yoga routine that builds & maintains your flexibility,  strength and awareness.

Course Curriculum

The course content is drip-fed to you in 4 modules.

Step-by-step you learn how to reprogram your subconscious body & mind to intuitively open out, creating space within the framework of the postures.

All you need is a computer or smartphone to watch the video material.

In each module, you have to work through a collection of workshops and put into practice what you have learnt by practising a short yoga routine.

in each module more postures are added to the yoga routine, ultimately building up to a powerful 12-minute whole-body yoga routine.  As you progress through the course material and practise routines,  you enhance your physical & mental ability to create space and open out.

Be prepared, healing the body is not about sitting on the sidelines.  You have to use 100% of your strength to open out.  It's physically demanding. 

In the final module, you learn how to incorporate this technique into the various style of yoga, particularly Hot Yoga.   Also, you will learn, why & how you are now able to switch into a state of mindful meditation (The Zone) as your subconscious body & mind intuitively opens out, creating space.

Module 1 you work through

  • 5 workshops covering the Science and Core Principles (total 28 minutes)
  • 4 Posture workshops (14 minutes in total) 
  • The first daily routine which you are to practice.

Module 2 you work through

  • 4 posture workshops (12 minutes in total)
  • Second daily yoga routine which you are to practice.

Module 3 you work through

  • 5 posture workshops (19 minutes in total)
  • The third daily routine which you are to practice.

Module 4 you work through

  • 2 workshops (19 minutes in total)
  • Final 12-minute whole-body yoga routine. 

Unleash The Body Within

Pay What You Want Pricing

The normal cost for this course is £79, but in these Covid-19 days, we know not everyone will have the funds so please select the amount you are happy to pay.

Normal Price £99


£50 - £60 - £70 - £70 - £80 - £90 - £99

In order to program your body to correctly establish the right neuromuscular communication pathways, you must not plough through this course too quickly, but then can you cannot dilly dally.  One module per week is ideal, though a lot of people successfully do in just two weeks.   If for any reason you need more time we give you access to the course material for 6 months.


Sally - OMG! Now having reprogrammed my body to automatically open out, my Ashtanga Vinyasa and Hot Yoga has been transformed.  I have far more power than I ever thought possible.

Anthony - "That 12-routine is insanely effective".

Hollie Sanders - "Lower back & sciatic pain 100% gone.  I have my life back.  Thank you so so much, Bill".

Eve Flores - "Oh my god Bill's technique is a silver bullet.  My immovable hips are now back in action". 

Craig Martin - "10 years I've been practicing Bikram yoga thinking I was quite good.  Now it's like I'm playing a completely different game.. the results are shockingly astounding".

Sarhra - "Everyone who practices yoga is crazy not to do this course".

Jacob - "My wife and I practice the 12-minute routine every morning.  It has transformed our lives".

Emily Davis - "Bill explains and demonstrates the principles so well. I can now switch into flow-state like flicking a switch when practicing my hot yoga.

Michael Hooper - "What I absorbed on Bill's program has also changed my cycling, swimming and strength training, producing outstanding improvements. It's more than a yoga course".

Esme Cullen  - "Surpasses all my expectations".

Anna Hayes - "Profoundly opened my body and mind".

Megan - "All yoga teachers should know this stuff"

Lucas Gonzalez - "God I'm so much stronger and that mind battle has gone".

Bonnie - "Finally I'm winning the battle ... I am now hiking again ... If you knew my story you'll be amazed at that".