Sohot Lifestyle

Sohot Lifestyle founders Bill and Elaine Thwaites are authors of an upcoming book “Perfect Freedom: How to Reach a New High in Mental and Physical Health” and the founders of the most successful group of central London yoga studios, or as one newspaper put it “London’s celebrity hot spot”.

They entered the yoga world in order the conquer their personal health problems head-on. They had no intention of building such a famous yoga empire employing over 50 yoga teachers, teaching yoga to a whopping 80,000 students. It was at the height of their success, personally teaching the likes of Lady Gaga and Benedict Cumberbatch, they took a left turn, bursting out of the yoga bubble they had entrenched themselves in.


Standing in the center of the fitness industry they could clearly see giant problems in our typical approach to fitness, particularly that of yoga, and how it does little to enhance our physical & mental health.


Turning to the rapid advancements in science they identified a particular approach to yoga that produced asstounding results.  Armed with this insight, they have proved how, in just 4-weeks, someone with chronic mobility issues can achieve astounding improvements to their flexibility and strength, along with a shockingly enhanced awareness of mind.

The book describes their wake-up call, making them go against the prevailing wind, not just to our standardized approach to physical fitness, but also, to our nutritional health.  As they describe in their book, there is no point in placing all your efforts in one area. Optimum health can only be achieved using an all-around approach to our physical health; nutritional health and mental health. The book shares their insights into how a fusion of small changes to our daily routines can establish greater health. These small changes span exercise, nutrition, meditation, fasting and sleep patterns.  With the insight of modern science, Bill & Elaine were able to finally solve their chronic health issues spanning Arthritis, Obesity, Back Pain, Depression, and Cancer.

More and more people are waking up to the fact our standardized guidelines and approach to our health and vitality is failing us all. It's a miracle we are all alive at all. If we are to survive we need more disruptors like Bill & Elaine.