Our Sohot Influencer Program rewards affiliates for spreading our message.

Here is how it works

As an affiliate, you are given your own set of unique affiliate URL links which you use to direct traffic to our website.

The first time one of your prospects visits our site through an affiliate link, a cookie will be dropped that last 30 days.  If the prospect signs up within 30 days, they will be associated as your affiliate!

Every time that prospect purchases one of our courses you get credited 15% of the price.

For example,

If someone purchases our £99.00 Unleash The Body Within Online Course,  you get £14.85

Or if someone purchases our £398 Practice Smarter Bikram Yoga Immersion Program you get £59.70

Or If someone purchases our £3,250 Bikram Yoga Teacher Training Program, you get £487.50.

Our website software does all the work tracking these purchases that link to your Sohot Influencer account.

Is this right for you?

First off you must resonate with our message, helping people use yoga as a platform to improve their physical and mental performance. 

Secondly, you must have a means of influencing people.  You are Studio owner or have an active YouTube, Instagram, Twitter, or Facebook account.

If your interested, Email Elaine@sohotlifestyle.com