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Wind Removing Pose - Don't be fooled ....

When I correctly target a student's mind to EXPAND OUT,  all the typical misalignment issues NEVER happen ... EVER!

Plus their breath is always calm ...  while their body is fully engaged.

Done correctly Wind Removing pose requires a lot of functional strength ... not the traditional type of strength.

Bill Thwaites

Spine Twist - Are you crushing it ?

Discover the biggest mistake students make with Spine Twist and how, when you open out the joints, your alignment is ALL WAY PERFECT!

... that I guarantee

Bill Thwaites

Recently I have squeezed the essence of my approach to the 26 & 2 yoga postures into what I now called the Sohot Method.

I get astounding results with all body types no matter their starting point.

When you correctly target your effort,  your alignment simply slots into place every time.

The Sohot method is simple ... but don't confuse simple with easy.

Bill Thwaites