Is your lifestyle heading in the right direction?

Our early adult years are about exploring the world we live in and our potential as a human being.  It's our rock n roll years, being free of commitment.   It's about being reckless.  It's not the time to be sensible.  

However, there comes a point in our lives when we recognize those days are over and we need to embrace the next phase of life.  A richer more fulfilling phase.

However, by this point, we have picked up a whole host of bad habits which inhibit our transition to this next phase.

In the world of longevity and health, the past 10 years of scientific research has completely overturned our understanding.

In this Health and Vitality program, we help you explore a wide range of topics which have been proven to produce incredible results, time & time again.

It's about helping you to embrace and embed better lifestyle habits giving you the capacity to fully enhance what life can really bring because the real rock n roll years have yet to come.

Coaching you through
a range of
lifestyle changes


Nutrition - Sleep Patterns - Mobility Training - Strength Training - Cardio Training - Intermittent Fasting - Meditation - Supplements.

Sorry to be the bearer of bad news, but - There are no shortcuts.

The only question is - Are you going in the right direction?

We are here to ensure you're moving in the direction, you wish to go.

It's far better to implement small changes across a broad spectrum of areas than to place all your energy and time to say just nutrition or just exercise.

Where you place your time and energy depends on where you are now.  For example, as much as we promote cardio training, such as running or a Zumba class, if you currently don't exercise yoga is a far better place to start because you need to open and prepare the body for mobility.  Just 10 minutes daily is all you need to get started.   Even then, after you've opened the body with yoga and before you think about nipping out for a run,  it's better to send 10 minutes daily building stability with free weights.

Another example is nutrition.  If you're keen to explore a high-end ketogenic diet but currently consume processed sugar you will most likely fail.  Failure is not a word we use.   In this instance we'd help you to identify where the sugar is in your diet, it comes disguised on most food labels, and we'd help you to focus your efforts on removing this addictive substance and start you off on the road to loving your gut microbiome.

If you don't know what a ketogenic diet is, that's ok, as in the program we will go through the science behind all the various nutritional strategies.   The key to getting the right diet for you is to first understand the basic scientific building blocks and then structure a solution that fits into your life commitments. 

It's all about establishing small achievable lifestyle habits across several areas as opposed to diving into the deep end in one.  It is a bit like that good old board game of Snakes and Ladders.  We help you avoid the snakes and climb up the ladders.

Sleep is often overlooked.  The past ten years of research has completely changed our understanding of the importance of getting the right sleep.  Your brain can only remove the toxic metabolic waste when you're sleeping.  An extra hour sleeping builds more physical strength than an extra hour in the gym.  You don't build strength while lifting weights the magic happens at night when the body repairs itself bigger and better than yesterday.  The better the sleep, the more magic happens.

When it comes to implementing change into our hard-wired habits it can be difficult to know where to start.   

The biggest mistake people often make is they don't get a clear picture of where they are now.  For a Satnav to plot a route it needs to know two points, the here and now and the destination.  Without a clear unemotional evaluation of your here and now, the route to your health and vitality is impossible to plan.

This Health and Vitality program is for people committed to change.  

Working directly with Bill & Elaine you will be guided through a four-step process with guaranteed success. 


Step 1: Discovery Form

Where you are now

Fill out our Health & Vitality Discovery Form.

This form lies at the heart of the program. It was developed using the latest science in the world of Longevity & Health and Bill & Elaine's direct experience helping hundreds of people turn their lives around.

Success in our relationships, business, or sports is totally dependant on our physical and mental health. Filling this form out is the best place to start that adventure.

The answers are in the questions and there is a reason for every question on this form. For example, there's a reason you're asked about your typical weekly exercises with regard to mobility training, cardio training, and strength training. Why does the form split exercise into those three camps? That's a good question and you don't need to be an expert to know you really need all three.

Bill & Elaine will be using this information to work out with you where best to place your time and energy.

Step 2 : Evaluation Session

In your first session, Bill & Elaine evaluate your discovery form, establishing a clear & precise picture of where you are now and what changes are best implemented first.

By this point you've done all the hard work - you've set the data for the start point of your journey. Bill & Elaine, being emotionally independent from you, can help you see clearly what steps to take to achieve your goals and will keep you on track.

There are lots of reasons why we don't reach our desired future.

Typically people spend lots of time Dolly Daydreaming their future. There's nothing wrong with Dolly Daydreaming but in order to get from A to B you need a plan to implement.

Planning is another fabulous procrastination tool which also lends itself to Dolly Daydreaming, but at some point a decision is required and a step forward taken to initiate change.

Doubt then takes over and which step to take first can stop us in our tracks, and then there's fear.

Fear keeps us safe in the state we are in now. This is all very well and good when we were cave dwelling, and why this behaviour is hard wired into our DNA, after all, if our ancestors hadn't been fearful of the sabre-toothed tiger we wouldn't be alive today.

To ensure we stay "safe" our fear, conscious and subconscious creates obstacles. We may want to make changes but primordial fear of changing keeps preventing us from making it.

Typically people are surprised by what is uncovered in this session.

Step 3 : Planning Session

Here's where we agree the plan having had a week to contemplate the previous evaluation session Bill & Elaine discuss with you how to move forward creating tangible and manageable long & short term goals.

Bill & Elaine are extremely good at cutting through the noise, helping you create a plan that works for you! This session is about creating your very own customized healthy lifestyle plan that will actually work for your real life – RIGHT NOW.

Step 4 : Implementation

At this stage you have a plan. You know what you have to do and why. In this session we help set the stage and kick start the plan into action.

Step 5 : Fine Tune / Accountability Session

In these subsequent weekly, fortnightly or monthly sessions (to be agreed) we hold you accountable to ensure you reach your goals in a kind & supportive way.

We help you shine a light on what is blocking you from making progress & help you break through those barriers.

Often this involves fine tuning, course correction & refocus.

This element of the program is customized to your own unique needs. For example, a recent client was able to totally turn her life around by removing process food, hiking with her husband most weekends and joining a film club. You'll be surprised what comes out of these sessions.


First off is a FREE Initial 30 min consultation where you can assess if our Health & Vitality Coaching program is right for you.

The complete program cost £350  (steps 1 through to step 4).  Plus one 30 minute Fine Tune / Accountability session.

Subsequent sessions ensuring you remain on track cost £75.  The frequency of these session depends on your needs and requirements.

If your interest please email Bill & Elaine to book your FREE initial 30 min consultation.

Session are conducted via a Zoom Video call.  All you need is a smartphone, laptop or a computer with webcam.