Unlock the

26 & 2 Hot Yoga Postures



Two Hour


Hosted by senior hot 26 & 2 instructor

Bill Thwaites

Is this workshop for You?

  • Do you find some postures are so EXTRAORDINARILY hard you dread doing them?

  • Are you unsure how to achieve perfectly straight leg in Standing Forehead to WITHOUT damaging the knee joint?

  • Are you recovering from a sports injury and need to be sure your practice repairs the injury NOT make it worse?

  • Are you looking to re-engage with the 26 & 2 after a break?

  • Do you find some positions impossible and you just cannot see a way forward?

  • Do you find your breath is all over the place?

  • You have inflammation in the joints that force you to sit out various postures?

  • If you answer yes to any of these, then your life will be transformed by this workshop.

STOP going round in circles

Uncover the most powerful ways to get your stiff inflexible body to move through the 26 & 2 yoga sequence building greater flexibility and strength

Hosted by Senior Hot Yoga Instructor, Bill Thwaites

Hi, Its Bill Thwaites.

No matter how often you practice if don't have the basic framework in place you're not going to move forward at all.   You simply end up on a yoga treadmill going nowhere.   

These workshops are for anyone wishing to guarantee there understanding of the 26 & 2 yoga sequence is not clouded by misguided instructions ... which often take most student down the wrong road.  

All to often students get caught up within a mindset of stretching into postures which is totally understandable, however, that not where you should be targeting your effort.

The techniques I will show you was how he was able to get his stiff overweight Arthritic body into shape and how I have helped hundreds of other people with a whole host a injuries and mobility issues.

Unlock the 26 & 2 Hot Yoga Sequence

  • Full 26 Posture Break-down

  • How to restore into the body's natural healing power

  • Enhanced Flexibility

  • Improved Alignment

  • Superior Foundation

  • Accelerate Mental Performance

  • Enriched Breath Control

  • How to practice shorter routines for those days when you just run out of time for a full 90-minute workout.

24 Hour Catch-up

Workshop recordings are saved onto one of those fluffy techy clouds.  After the workshop, you will be sent a link so you can watch it again or catch-up if you were unable to attend the live session.

Pay What You Want

£20  £30  £40

The normal cost for this 2-hour posture clinic class is £40 but in these Covid-19 days, we know not everyone will have the funds so please select the amount you are happy to pay.

Time: 4 pm - 6 pm BST

11 am - 1 pm EST

 8 am - 10 am PST

 2 am - 3 am Sydney

8:30 pm - 10:30 pm India