Frustrated by your progress?

Mobility Not Improving?

Nagging Joint and Back Pain?

 Having learnt the basics, there is no point attacking the postures with the same beginner's dialogue

Time to peel off the veneer of simply going through the motions

Embrace a more functional approach that benefits all body types without any negative compressive forces.

I will focus your attention on your breath in order to tap into your inner functional strength to expand the body open.

This approach radically improves Joint and Spine Health, reducing  Muscle Tension, eliminating Joint and Back Pain, developing superior Mobility, Coordination, Balance and Awareness.

Senior Bikram yoga teacher

Bill Thwaites


  • What makes these classes differnet to a standard Bikram yoga dialogue class?

    "My approach is straightforward. I simply remove the construct of stretching into postures and focus your effort on applying strength to expand open your body ...
    however, don't confuse simple with easy" - Bill Thwaites

    If you want to learn more go watch my FREE webinar.

  • Do I need a mirror to see myself?

    NO. Neurologically practising without a mirror forces the brain to create a stronger bond with the mechanoreceptors with the muscles, tendons and fascia of the body. This enhances your proprioception, giving you Superior Coordination, Balance and Awareness.

  • I don't know the Bikram yoga postures, are these classes suitable for me?

    If you don't know the very basic positions of the Bikram yoga postures this class is NOT for you.

    This class is for students who have the basic framework of the postures in place and are now looking to disconnect that initial beginner's mindset and move onto the next step.

  • Is it safe to practice without the heat?

    YES. When you correctly target your effort toward opening out to the postures, you engage more functional use of strength.

    This generates far more internal heat making the need for extra external heat redundant.

24 Hour Catch up

If you're unable to attend the live sessions, you can follow the class recordings - not ideal, but better than nothing.

The Class recordings are saved onto one of those fluffy techy clouds.  After class, you will be sent a link so you can watch it again or catch up if you were unable to attend the live session.


Classes every Tuesday and Thursday

Every day would be too much

Start Time: 6 pm London BST

1 pm  EST

10 am PST


SINGLE Drop-In Class -  £10 per class

Pack of 4 Classes -  £8 per class

One-class-a-week Monthly Subscription - £6.50 per class

All-classes Monthly Subscription - £5.50 per class