I'm pretty good at playing the guitar, chess and cycling, however, I excel at helping people restore their mobility, eliminate joint and back pain and enhance their overall peak physical and mental performance.  

I DON'T believe in the phrase "It's all in the journey",  because I get results quickly, in a matter of weeks.

My expertise is down to 3 key factors.  

Firstly, I have extensive experience helping hundreds of people overcome a range of diverse physical issues.   

Secondly, due to my own journey of getting my sorry, stiff arthritic body into shape, I know how rocky the can be when you don't have the right approach.  

Thirdly, I spend a crazy amount of time researching the emerging science of longevity and sports performance, so my methods are not simply guesswork.


Since lockdown, my clients have discovered just how superior being coached online can be, beyond the obvious benefits of cost, flexibility and freedom. 

Most, not all, of my clients are yoga knuckleheads (students and yoga teachers) who have a particular issue to overcome.

Often the solution is a simple shift in the way they practice some of the postures.   Although, sometimes a student's inability to correctly engage in a yoga posture can be due to a lack of muscle mass, which, as we age, we tend to lose and in this instance, I would include some strength training routines.  Functional use of breath is often a stumbling block for some students so breathwork can also be brought into the sessions when required.

That said, I do have several clients who have never practised yoga in their life but are just at the end of their tether with their hip, back, knee or neck pain.  This is when I pull out one of my full-blown 12-week integrated programs that start with mobility training (yoga), then strength training and finally a little cardio workout.

Occasionally I get students who just want to explore the postures in more detail, overcoming any roadblocks and rectifying bad habits.

At the end of each session, I typically give everyone a short daily routine to practice, which is programmed into a smartphone app to give you the essential timings.  No thinking required.

To get started simply email me to Book a FREE discovery call.   

This discovery call helps you identify if a private session with me is right for you, and it allows me to structure your session should you wish to proceed.

1 Session    £75
4 Sessions  £270
6 Sessions  £400
12 Sessions £790

Each session lasts 1 hour.

To keep you on track and ensure you get results, everyone gets 24hr email support and if needed, additional 15mins support / accountability sessions.  


Online Video Session. 

or Text: 121 to 07809609795

Ok ... let's get moving

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