Hot 26&2 Yoga
Functional Approach
Immersion Program

Sunday 21st February 2021

3:30 pm - UK
10:30 am - EST
7:30 am - PST

Spaces are limited so that I can give you individual attention and corrections

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A Series of In-depth

Live Interactive Online

Workshops and Classes

This comprehensive Immersion program is for students, teachers and studio owners looking to fully embrace a more functional approach to the Bikram Yoga sequence and breathing exercises.

Throughout this in-depth program, you will become more intimately aware of how your individual body works.

I will guide you through all the 26 & 2 Bikram yoga postures examining the intention of each posture in detail,  re-targeting your effort to open out to the postures letting go of the standard damaging mindset of stretching or pushing your way into them.

 I will keep a critical eye on your movement patterns,  alignment,  breath control and engagement of inner functional strength as we explore the process of opening out the entire body.

As we move through the program, I highlight the emerging science in sports performance and longevity pinpointing precisely why there are so many yoga-related injures, that often end up in chronic joint and back pain.  

I will detail exactly why and how a more functional approach is the only way you'll ever improve mobility, joint and spine health, eliminate pain.

Throughout the program I include a range of additional techniques and proprioception drills, helping you forge a strong neurological mind-body map within the reptilian part of the brain, establishing a superior level of coordination and awareness.  (if you don't know anything about your Reptilian brain or neurological mind maps, you will at the end of this program)

You will walk away from this Immersion program having fully experienced why so many teachers and studio owners are getter far better results from their students, particularly students who are injured or suffering chronic joint and back pain.

Develop Astounding Mobility

Improve Joints and Spine Health

Eradicate Back Pain

Eliminate Knee/Hip/Shoulder/Neck Pain

Superior Coordination, Balance and Awareness



It's time to STOP the game of simply going through the motions hoping one day your efforts will yield results.

Price £398

Scholarships for Yoga Teachers

If you are a Yoga Teacher looking to advance your skills I offer Full Scholarships:  Please email me to apply:

Bill Thwaites

Two, 4-hour Interactive LiveStream workshops


Four Interactive 90-minute LiveStream classes

Everyone gets individual attention every step of the way


SUNDAY 21st February

Dates and Times

In-depth 4hr Workshops

Part 1 -  Sunday 21st February

Part 2 - Sunday 28th February


3:30 pm London

10.30 am  New York

7.30 am Los Angeles

90-minute Online Classes

1st Class Tuesday 23rd February 

2nd Class Tuesday 25th February 

3rd Class Thursday 2nd March

4th Class Thursday 4th March 


6 pm  London

1 pm  New York

10 am  Los Angeles


  • Is this just another sticking plaster solution?

    This course is not a sticking plaster, it’s a way of taking responsibility for you to support your body in its ability to strengthen and repair itself and serve you well for a long and active life.

    "For years, while practising a 90-minute yoga class 3-4 times a week, I used to have to visit an osteopath on average once a month, paying £110 for each 45-minute session The moment I started reprogramming my body to correctly target its effort I’ve not needed to book a single session .... EVER!

    Back of an envelope calculation, over the past 6 years, I have saved nearly £8,000."

    Bil Thwaites

  • If I have zero flexibility is there any point in me doing this course?

    The best part of this course is that it specifically benefits people who don't have much Flexibility.

    The past ten years of sports performance research has radically changed the way professional athletes improve their flexibility.

    We now know why passively stretching into yoga postures is the worst thing you can do.

    Programming your brain's mapping to automatically open out the body within a yoga posture is a completely different story ... a story that ends with increased flexibility in a remarkably short period of time.

  • Will this help build my core strength?

    Opening out to a yoga posture requires a lot more functional use of strength, particularly your core stabilising muscles.

    Aches, pains and injuries are often caused by a lack of functional stabilisation strength in the supporting muscles around the joints and the spine.

    You'll learn how to correctly target your strength - without engaging muscles that hold you back, typically due to overthinking everything.

  • How will this benifit me as a Bikram yoga teacher or Studio owner?

    We do get a lot of teachers and studio owners on this program and the overwhelming feedback is that once they incorporate this mindset into their teaching their students love it too.

    Plus, if you fully complete the program you get a Certificate, which is useful to prove you're keeping ahead of the game and not resting on your laurels.

    And, for everyone who completes this program we give you access to an online private members area, where you can talk amongst yourselves and of course we'll be there too.

    We actually encourage everyone to post questions in this group so everyone can learn together, practising smarter.

  • Can I watch a recorded replay of the sessions?

    There's a lot of information in these workshops so we give you access to the recordings - workshops for one month, classes for 7 days - so you can go back and recap on things you’ve forgotten or indeed practice the classes again.

    This also means that if for whatever reason, you cannot make one of the classes, you can catch up later.

    Obviously you’ll get more out of the live session because we can see you and you can ask questions.

  • What support do I get between sessions?

    Everyone who has completed these workshops talks about how well everything is explained and most questions are answered there and then as we put the theory into practice.

    If you do develop a nagging question that needs to be resolved just drop us a line. There's no such thing a dumb question so don't feel shy.

  • As a triathlete will this help me?

    OMG this will utterly change your world.

    If you do strength training, running, cycling or boxing opening out to a posture rather than stretching into one brings a far greater range of motion, along with enhanced balance and coordination.

    Opening out to a yoga posture activates far more proprioceptor sensors within the muscles, tendons and fascia, creating an astounding body awareness.

    The information from these proprioceptors helps the reptilian brain, the cerebellum, form a better neurological mind-map of the body, skyrocketing the brains ability to balance the body while effectively coordinating the movement of the limbs.

    The workshops cover a lot more science stuff like this.

  • Will I have to practice every day to feel improvements?

    When you correctly target your effort, your yoga becomes more potent.

    You won't feel the need to practice every day.

    This means you'll have more time to slot in a mountain hike with friends and family, or do some strength training or take that Zumba class.

Old school pen and paper Testimonials

  • Sue

    After 16 years of teaching and practising Bikram yoga, I started getting horrible sciatica pain. After visiting a chiropractor and then a physio, I end up wearing an Elite Sports Back Brace. Having done this Immersion Program, my sciatica pain has completely gone and that Back Brace is in the bin. As an extra bounce, the feedback I get from my Bikram students about the way I now teach them has utterly changed their life and my life. Every Bikram Yoga teacher should do this program; it will get you to think outside the box. If you're a student looking to break free of pain, 100% you have to do it. SUE

  • Michelle

    I am a Bikram yoga nutter, and over the past 12 years, I have done every single workshop/posture clinic/ masterclass within the New York City area. This Immersion Program is on a whole different playing field. Learning how the mind controls the body and why if you get fixated on alignment your heading for trouble down the line, has blown my mind. Standing Foreheads to Knee was always the posture I dreaded, now I feel like I'm on cloud nine: Michelle

  • Mark

    As a professional dancer, I started practising the hot 26 & 2, some six years ago to fix tightness in my hips, which to start off with it did. But then a year ago I had a nasty fail, and my hip issues came back with a vengeance. My yoga practice just made everything far worse. Our in house physio advised to take it easy for a few months, which didn't help. I am blown away by this Immersion Program. I learnt why taking it easy was the last thing I should have done, and instead, I should have targeted my effort differently. Throughout the program, my hip pain slowly vanished out of my life, and even more incredibly, I now have more hip flexibility than before. That's insane! Mark

  • Sally

    I can not believe I had so many old ingrained patterns that were holding back. It's no wonder my past 11 years of practices was giving me back pain. I'm one of those bendy flexible types, and I now fully understand that all its time, I was simply relying on my flexibility to get me through. Everyone should do this program. If you don't, you'll wish you had in years to come. Sally

Hot 26&2 Yoga
Functional Approach
Immersion Program

Sunday 21st February 2021

3:30 pm - UK
10:30 am - EST
7:30 am - PST

Spaces are limited so that I can give you individual attention and corrections

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