The standard approach to Bikram Yoga focuses on how a pose looks, or worse, how to achieve some theoretical "perfect pose".   But that mindset is ineffective and creates injuries down the line.   A functional approach dynamically opens out the whole body to the framework of the postures allowing the body to adapt to its own individual unique skeletal structure.   The result is enhanced mobility, less pain, less frustration, and a far greater physical and mental performance.   All these improvements are typically gained in less than 4 weeks. 

In this FREE Webinar, I outline the bare bones of a functional approach to Bikram Yoga and why it's the only way you'll ever improve mobility, enhancing joint and spine health, eliminating pain and strengthening your stabilization muscles.

Bikram Yoga is no different to weight training - if you do it right the benefits are massive, but if you do it wrong you can rapidly destroy your body.

In this Webinar, I lay down some of the unspoken bare facts about the standard mindset to Bikram yoga and why so many students and teachers end up with knee, hip, shoulder and spine problems in later life.

Conversely, when you correctly engage your body Bikram Yoga instantly becomes a dynamic active functional process which the body rapidly responds to.

The functional approach outlined in this FREE webinar is the application of modern-day science in sports performance and longevity.  I go through the science and how it differs from the standard approach to Bikram Yoga.

Whether you practice at home, the studio or both, this FREE webinar will help you rapidly improve your physical and mental performance, particularly if you are Injured or lacking flexibility.

This Functional approach has a lot of answers for a lot of people.

Hosted by senior Bikram Yoga Teacher

Bill Thwaites