How to practice Half Moon Pose WITHOUT damaging your spine

A Functional Approach to
Bikram 26&2 Hot Yoga

Frustrated by your progress?

Mobility Not Improving?

Nagging  Joint and Back Pain?

 Having learnt the basics, there is no point attacking the postures with the same beginner's dialogue

STOP practising 26&2 Hot Yoga with Outdated Thinking. 

If you're over the age of 40,  a Functional Approach is the only way you'll finally kick that old nagging sports injury and back pain into touch,  developing superior mobility and overall physical and mental performance.

Bikram Hot 26&2 Yoga

Functional Approach
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As senior Bikram Hot Yoga Teacher, I am a complete Hot 26&2Yoga knucklehead. 

However, I am fully aware how the standard teacher's dialogue is awash with corrections that target the symptoms and not the cause, creating joint and spine problems down the line.

In my Online Workshop, I outline a Functional Approach to the classic Hot 26 & 2 series.

A Functional Approach is where we dynamically open out the whole body to the framework of the postures allowing the body to adapt to its own individual unique bone structure. 


After just one class, experienced Bikram Yoga students and teachers report improvements in mobility,  reduction of pain,  less frustration, and a far greater physical and mental performance. 

Your Bikram yoga class remains the same, except now you'll have a more engaging inner dialogue, with a different headspace, focus and goals.

A Functional Approach is superior to the standard approach to Bikram Yoga in three primary areas.

Firstly, it restores joint and spine health,  eliminating pain.  No more impingement or negative compressive forces. 

This approach does not assume we all have the same bone structure.

Secondly, it develops the body's inner stabilization muscles, which are crucial for efficient, pain-free, active movement. 

Thirdly, it rehabilitates the body's entire fascia system, greatly improving mobility,  proprioception,  coordination and awareness.

By developing a more functional approach you will develop superior mobility and overall physical and mental performance ... and that old nagging sports injury and back pain will finally be kicked into touch. 

Your host: Senior Bikram Yoga instructor and fitness trainer

Bill Thwaites


  • Do I need a mirror to see myself?

    NO. Neurologically practising without a mirror forces the brain to create a stronger bond with the mechanoreceptors with the muscles, tendons and fascia of the body. This enhances your proprioception, giving you Superior Coordination, Balance and Awareness.

  • I don't know the Bikram yoga postures, are these classes suitable for me?

    If you don't know the very basic positions of the Bikram yoga postures this workshop is NOT for you.

    This workshop is for students who have the basic framework of the postures in place and are now looking to disconnect that initial beginner's mindset and move onto the next step.

  • Is it safe to do this workshop without the heat?

    YES. When you correctly target your effort toward opening out to the postures, you engage more functional use of strength.

    This generates far more internal heat making the need for extra external heat redundant.

Old school pen and paper Testimonials

  • Sue

    After 16 years of teaching and practising Bikram yoga, I started getting horrible sciatica pain. After visiting a chiropractor and then a physio, I end up wearing an Elite Sports Back Brace. Now with a funcation approach, my sciatica pain has completely gone and that Back Brace is in the bin. As an extra bounce, the feedback I get from my Bikram students about the way I now teach them has utterly changed their life and my life. Every Bikram Yoga teacher should do this workshop; it will get you to think outside the box. If you're a student looking to break free of pain, 100% you have to do it. SUE

  • Michelle

    I am a Bikram yoga nutter, and over the past 12 years, I have done every single workshop/posture clinic/ masterclass within the New York City area. This workshop is on a whole different playing field. Learning how the mind controls the body and why if you get fixated on alignment your heading for trouble down the line, has blown my mind. Standing Foreheads to Knee was always the posture I dreaded, now I feel like I'm on cloud nine: Michelle

  • Mark

    As a professional dancer, I started practising the hot 26 & 2, some six years ago to fix tightness in my hips, which to start off with it did. But then a year ago I had a nasty fail, and my hip issues came back with a vengeance. My yoga practice just made everything far worse. Our in house physio advised to take it easy for a few months, which didn't help. I am blown away by this Program. I learnt why taking it easy was the last thing I should have done, and instead, I should have targeted my effort differently. Throughout the program, my hip pain slowly vanished out of my life, and even more incredibly, I now have more hip flexibility than before. That's insane! Mark

  • Sally

    I can not believe I had so many old ingrained patterns that were holding back. It's no wonder my past 11 years of practices was giving me back pain. I'm one of those bendy flexible types, and I now fully understand that all its time, I was simply relying on my flexibility to get me through. Everyone should do this program. If you don't, you'll wish you had in years to come. Sally

7 Day Catch-up

Workshop recordings are saved onto one of those fluffy techy clouds.  After the workshop, you will be sent a link so you can watch it again or catch-up if you were unable to attend the live session.