250 Hour

Hot Yoga

26 + 2

Teacher Training Program

The Next Evolution

Yoga Alliance Professionals Teacher Certificate

Created and led by senior hot yoga teacher

Bill Thwaites

Online interactive classroom environment

Aim of the Course

This is a comprehensive and practical 26 + 2 teacher training programme, specifically designed to produce high calibre ‘classroom-ready’ hot yoga teachers with the ability to confidently walk into any studio throughout the world and teach a strong and powerful class.

Everyone will walk away from this course as a fully accredited and certified yoga teacher with the ability to identify limitations within a body and having gained the knowledge of correct alignment, injury modifications, and how to motivate and inspire students of all ages. 


This 26 + 2 yoga teacher training program encapsulates the knowledge gained from teaching over 80,000 students while embracing a more forward-thinking approach that looks at yoga through the eyes of modern-day science and the rapid advancements in the field of longevity and sports recovery.  This classroom-ready teacher training program is the next evolution.

This is an in-depth practical teaching course led solely by one of the UK’s most senior and highly acclaimed hot yoga teachers, Bill Thwaites who personally has taught the likes of Lady Gaga, Benedict Cumberbatch, Hayley Atwell and Robert Downey Jr.   As the former founder of London’s highly successful group of Sohot yoga studios, Bill has extensive experience training and mentoring teachers from all over the world.

You'll walk away studio-ready able to teach in any hot yoga stuido throughout the world and then come home and teach a class within an online environment.  The world will truly open up to you.

You'll also walk away knowing how to install the right mindset into your students so they don't end up on the yoga scrap heap.  The ones who tried it but just couldn't move forward.  You'll have the capacity to build and maintain full class sizes because you'll be armed with a rich and diverse toolkit to help a broader spectrum of students.



Through one-on-one appraisal sessions, trainees are continuously monitored and assessed throughout the course by Bill himself.  When required trainees will be given additional support to keep them on track and if appropriate will be encouraged to pass at a later date.



Tell me and I forget, teach me and I may remember, involve me and I learn.”: Benjamin Franklin

  • As a trainee, you're going to have to think. Bill is going to give you the tool kit you need to dissect and disassemble any yoga posture you will encounter.

  • Bill will take you through the 26 hot yoga postures in detail, breaking down the basic framework of the postures with regard to teaching a beginner together with an expert eye on your own personal development as a student.

  • You will learn to teach the classic 90-minute hot yoga class, plus the much loved shortened 60-minute variation.

  • Bill will guide you through the mental and physical stages of development and how to ensure your students don't throw in the towel after their initial honeymoon phase, helping them to let go of their beginner mindset which typically holds so many students back.

  • Through daily classes, your practice will develop physically and mentally.

  • You will learn key principles of asana and the anatomically correct alignment, as well as foundation principles of yoga required to heal, strengthen and maintain functional movement.

  • Learn to read the mindset of a student and how to correct that mindset in order to address physical stumbling blocks, without any hands-on-correction.

  • Your increased awareness and understanding of your body will become the foundation from which you teach.

  • You will learn the drawback of hands-on adjustments and how best to correct a student's alignment without touching

“Breathe. Let go. And remind yourself that this very moment is the only one you know you have for sure.” Oprah Winfrey

  • Bill will explain the astounding power of correct breath control and why not to overthink what the body has automatically done since birth.

  • Bill will explain the power of the standing deep breathing technique and why it is used to start our sessions, how to use the breath throughout the 26 postures and how to use the breath as a tool to calm the mind.


“The more that you read, the more things you will know. The more that you learn, the more places you’ll go.”: Dr Seuss

  • You will walkway with a detailed understanding of the term mind-body connection and how to enhance the conversation between the conscious mind and the primaeval mind and body.

  • You will discover a blueprint for how to effectively train your subconscious body to perform any physical activity so that the conscious mind can take a step back into a state of pure awareness or as athletes call it, the Zone.

  • You will learn about the musculoskeletal system and the typical type of sports injuries and age-related conditions you will see as a yoga teacher.

  • Unearth the astounding properties of the Fascia system which modern science has only just fully uncovered.

  • Discover the dangers of overstretching and why the real healing power of yoga can only come about through the correct engagement of strength pulling the body outwards.

  • Learn the science of how the body heals itself and how with the right mindset a hot yoga practice is able to enhance this natural healing process.

  • You learn why modern professional athletes work just as hard on recovery as they do on their training and why taking things easy doesn’t help anyone restore their physical and mental health.


“Be stubborn about your goals and flexible about your methods."

  • Bill will share his years of experience in teaching and motivating students of all ages and body types.

  • Bill will give you tools to be an inspiring and valued teacher, who teaches from the heart with confidence ensuring students keep returning time and time again, maintaining a high retention rate which yoga studio owners like to see.

  • Understand the best ways to motivate different types of students; how to teach beginners, unfit or injured students and how to recognise different body types and how to work with them.

  • Learn how to recognise when an ‘urgent’ correction is needed, and when to leave a student be.

  • Learn to deal with problems that arise during a class, how to work in a hot room and the challenges it brings.

  • You will become skilled and proficient at understanding and reading bodies – Anatomically, physiologically and energetically - an essential skill for becoming an inspirational yoga teacher that can adapt their teaching to suit all types of students.

“The only person you are destined to become is the person you decide to be.”: Ralph Waldo Emerson

  • You can't build a great building on a weak foundation. You will be taught a framework of principles forming a solid foundation from which to develop and blossom into a powerful and compassionate teacher, providing stability during times of difficulty.

  • You are encouraged to explore your aspirations and understand the power of visualisation and manifestation in creating your ideal life and fulfilling your dreams.


“Spoon feeding in the long run teaches us nothing but the shape of the spoon.”: E.M. Forster

  • Doing is the only way to learn and grow. For this reason, having learnt the basic framework of teaching, you are quickly thrown into the deep end teaching students within a supportive environment where you are allowed to make mistakes and fluff up.

  • You will learn how to correct a student while maintaining the energy and flow of the whole class.

  • As a yoga teacher, you have to make all your students feel supported as a group while addressing their individual needs. You will practice techniques and develop skills that will develop your confidence, presence and ability to influence individuals and groups in both a heartfelt and effective way.

  • Learn the pros and cons of teaching Online versus a live Studio / Gym environment and why there is no one clear winner.

“The tongue can paint what the eyes can’t see.”: Chinese Proverb

  • Bill will show you how your voice can be used to change the mood of the class, to inspire, uplift, discipline, motivate, relax and encourage.


“Meditation will not carry you to another world, but it will reveal the most profound and awesome dimensions of the world in which you already live.”: Zen Master Hsing Yun

  • You will be guided through a 10-day 10-minute mindful meditation program in which you will discover how to use meditation as a tool to observe yourself and the world in which you live, identify the fear that keeps you from taking action and to see the abundant opportunities the universe is always presenting and the space for growth, sensitivity and awareness.

  • You will begin a foundation meditation practice and learn different ways to awaken this powerful practice in your life.

  • Through daily practice, you will discover meditation and yoga can become one and bring about transformation.


“Exercise is king. Nutrition is queen, put them together and you've got a kingdom.” Jack Lalanne

  • You will learn about the turbulent world of nutrition where plant-based advocates battle it out with paleo die-hards who in turn clash with Ketogenic devotees, all boasting a vast array of scientific research supporting their viewpoint. However, all is not lost as we explore the areas where they all agree.

  • You will discover the power of intermittent fasting, how sports professionals use it to enhance performance and how to incorporate it into your yoga practice.


“It doesn't take a lot of strength to hang on. It takes a lot of strength to let go.”: J. C. Watts

  • Yoga is undeniably an astounding physical and mental modality, however, when combined with a little bit of strength training and HIIT training your time on the mat truly becomes explosive. You will learn the basics of strength and HIIT training and why a small well constructed 10-minute session is all most people need.


“Your time is limited, so don’t waste it living someone else’s life.”: Steve Jobs

  • Bill and his wife Elaine, teach you how to build your teaching business - how to secure classes, insurance, self-employment and taxation.

  • You will learn the challenges of running a studio.

  • Learn how to correctly set up LiveStream classes - setting up your website, marketing, email blasts, Facebook vs Google advertising, all the way throught to the technical setup.

  • We will give you tips, tools and advice on how to set up as a teacher, and a studio owner.

  • Bill and his wife Elaine, will share their stories of running a busy group of central London yoga studios, employing a monthly roster of over 50 yoga teachers and how now they are succesfully working in global online world.

9. Dates and What to do if interested

Running a teacher training program within an online interactive classroom environment brings a whole host of advantages.

All you need is a laptop or desktop or large tablet.  

The group energy within an online environment is unique and just as powerful as within in a live setting.  We find many students are better able to establishes a stronger relationship with their physical self.

Students can re-watch recorded sessions, so they never miss a beat.  As with any good teacher training program, students are split into pairs to practice what they have learnt teaching each other.  An online environment makes this so much easier and more fluid.

The course runs for 23 days.  10 hours a day.   There’s a lot to get through.

2020 Summer Date

Because we don’t have to book a physical venue six weeks in advance we can be extremely flexible as to the course timetable.  We can build the course timetable around you.



If you’re interested, the first step is to join Bill's LiveStream classes so you can familiarize yourself with Bill's style and method of teaching.

Then email Bill, or mention it in class, that you're thinking of doing the Teacher Training Program.    Once Bill and his wife, Elaine, are aware of your intention they will then keep a special eye on you to asses if you are a good fit the program.   A good fit doesn't mean you are perfect at the postures, it means you have the focus.  If all is good Bill & Elaine will discuss with you the dates and costs.  


The cost of the course is £3250 


Deposit: £750 is required upon acceptance on the course

The actually cost is dependant of various variables and each application will be reviewed on an individual basis.