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The Sohot Method

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Topics covered

  • Why, if you focus on trying to position yourself into a posture the best you can, you will end up with a sports style injury.

    The psychology behind the Sohot Method.

    The phychological processes required to enhance muscle control to increase strength and joint mobility.

    Why students unknowingly cling to their beginner's mindset.

    The real relationship between Strength and Flexibility.

    Psychological processes required to obtain flow state for peak performance.

    The 3 core stages of development that drives all human behavior & performance, and how to use it to your advantage.

    How your analytical mind plagues your biochemistry stopping you from slipping into that groove where the real magic lies .

    How to conquer your monkey mind.

    The power of visualization to strengthen the neural connections.

    Why yoga is a must for all serious athletes .

    How to optimize your studio practice (whatever style you practice Hot Yoga, Hatha, Yin, Ashtanga or Pilates) radically enhancing your progression.

  • The correct approach to ensure your stress hormones are working for you and not against you.

    How when your biochemistry is out of whack your yoga practice will never enhance your joint mobility, build strength or improve your clarity of mind.

    Human Variability: theoretical alignment vs perfect alignment.

    The developmental stages we all go through when learning any mind-body activity such as playing the piano, dancing or yoga.

    How and why the end result of any mind-body training is to disconnect the mind by correctly training the body to be fully in control of your action. (If your mind is active when playing the piano, dancing or practicing yoga you’re just a beginner lacking the correct training).

    The downside of hands-on corrections - how it keeps students in a beginners frame of mind, unable to discover their true correct form.

    How habits are formed.

  • Where to place your focus

    The questions you need to ask yourself to ensure you have the right focus. If you’re asking the wrong questions, your focus will be taking you down the wrong road.

    How it’s so easy to become an expert at doing it wrong.

    How to re-wire the brain & muscle communication pathways , to correctly utilize strength to expand open the body.

    The power of a routine.

    Setting up a short daily yoga routine.

    How a daily 5 minutes sitting meditation helps to establish a more powerful mind-body connection when exercising.

    Nutritional Science : The best long term approach to your diet that reduces inflammation, balances out your hormonal soup, building greater strength, joint health, bone density and brain health. .

    The astounding power of intermittent fasting ( cellular repair, gene expression benefiting longevity, weight loss, Lower risk of type 2 diabetes).

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