In my workshops students learn about the relationship between our conscious mind and our subconscious mindbody, and how to optimise that relationship to unlock the healing power of yoga. 

Traditionally anyone suffering from an injury is told to rest up.  However, the past ten years of research into sports recovery & anti-aging has shown the worst thing to do is rest. 

I detail a technique that's astoundingly effective at repairing musculoskeletal damage.

I go through the science, the mindset, and how to integrate this technique into your hot yoga practice.

I go through why, with the wrong mindset, yoga can very easily damage your skeletal structure.  I detail the how to guarantee that doesn't happen. 

If you're suffering from back pain, knee pain, shoulder pain, arthritic pain or sports injury, I guarantee what you will learn will change everything for you in a rapidly short time.

Bill Thwaites

"I help yoga students break free of the unhelpful limiting notion that “yoga is a journey” and show them how with the right mindset yoga can be as easy as riding a bike - rapidly putting an end to the pain & suffering that comes with inflammatory joint pain "

Bill Thwaites

Upcoming Workshops

You will walk away from my workshop with an enhanced ability to rebuild & strengthen your body,  confident your yoga practice is not aggravating any musculoskeletal issues you may have.

I outline the process in which the body is always trying the repair the damage caused by everyday wear & tear and/or injury.

I detail the science behind one particular technique of yoga which is overwhelmingly more effective at enhancing the body's ability to recover from physical injuries and ensures they don’t comeback.

I dismantle the cognitive process required to reprogram your subconscious body & mind to effectively adopt this approach and how & when to incorporate it into your yoga class.

I do not modify the postures, I just change your technique.  To be more exact I will change your headspace which in turn ripples into the conversation between your "conscious mind" and your "subconscious body & mind".

Be prepared, healing the body is not about sitting on the sidelines. You're going to have to use 100% of your strength.

If you're looking to rebuild your musculoskeletal structure due to being slumped over a computer all day or a sports injury, my workshop is for you.

Senior Teacher Bill Thwaites