Bikram Yoga
Functional Approach

Start your engines ... Unlock how to correctly target your effort and get yourself off the starting grid with a Functional Approach to Bikram Yoga, with this 2-hour online workshop.


Bikram Yoga
Functional Approach
Immersion Program

A series of in-depth online interactive workshops and classes that will neurologically re-wire your body to correctly use the postures as a framework to dynamically expand the body open, gaining superior coordination, balance, flexibility, strength and Awareness

You will walk away having embraced the full power of a Functional Approach to Bikram Yoga.


The Magic Happens at Home

Unleash The Body Within
Online Course

Learn a Functional Approach to yoga with a 12 minute Sohot home practice routine which will add rocket fuel to your studio practice.


Private 1:1 Online Coaching

Benefit from Bill's 20 years experience & expertise as a senior Bikram yoga teacher and fitness trainer, helping over 6,000 people restore mobility, eliminate pain and enhance their peak physical and mental performance.

Sohot Bikram Yoga Teacher Training

The Next Generation 26 & 2 Hot Yoga Online Teacher Training.

FREE Instructional Videos

Bikram Yoga Postures

Bikram Yoga
Functional Approach

Learn the bare bones of a functional approach to Bikram Yoga and why it is the only way you'll ever restore mobility, eliminate pain and develop joint & spine health.

You will also learn why so many students and yoga teachers end up with knee, hips, shoulder and spine problems in later life.