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Sohot Method WEBINAR

"How To Unlock the 26 & 2 Bikram yoga postures WITHOUT having to suffer anymore back pain, joint pain or tight sore muscles.

If you what to change gear on your 26 & 2 yoga practice and correctly target your effort you have to watch this webinar ... especially if you don't have any flexibility.

The Practice Smarter Immersion program

This is the FULL MONTY ... not your average hints and tips type of workshop or posture clinic.

This for true Bikram Yoga knuckleheads

Workshop the 26 & 2 Hot Yoga Sequence

Start your engines ... get yourself off the starting grid with this 2-hour workshop

The Magic Happens at Home

Unleash The Body Within
4 Week Online Course

Learn the Sohot Method with a 12 minute home practice routine which will add rocket fuel to your studio practice.

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