Interactive Class Setup

Please ensure you're all set up and logged in before the session starts

Just like a public class if you're late you'll upset the group energy

This is NOT a passive LIVESTREAM experience

This is an interactive group class experience

You will need a 

Laptop, iPad / Tablet, Desktop with a camera or Smartphone.

Position your device so Bill can see you on your mat

Landscape not portrait

DO NOT place your device on the floor - place it at tabletop height

Ability to tilt the camera down for the floor series of postures

Power cord plugged in

Zoom meeting software Installed

Turn off any background radio or music

As a guide, you should have a minimum of 2 feet of free space around your slip-free yoga mat - with no sharp corners or breakable objects within that free space.

Position your device (camera) to see the full length of your mat, side-on.

Poor Set Up

GOOD: Camera hight
BAD: Lighting
BAD: Positioning

Here the laptop is too close and the backlighting from the window makes it difficult to see.

Good Set Up

GOOD: Camera hight
GOOD: Lighting
GOOD: Positioning

The laptop is on a high chair in the doorway, far enough back to see Bill on the mat.

With the curtains drawn and lights on, the backlighting problem is gone.

Bill is standing in a very small room, if you can, go to a bigger room.

NOTE: The camera view must be looking at the full side view of the mat.

You'll need Zoom installed onto your device.

You will have been sent an email with a link to the session.

Please join the session 10 minutes before the start time.

If you don't have Zoom installed, you will be prompted to download and install the Zoom software.

Then Sign Up for a FREE Zoom account.

Select "Call using internet Audio"

It's a good idea to setup Zoom in advance. The best way is to join a Zoom test meeting to familiarize yourself with the software


Best Option *****

Most people find a laptop the best option. It's portable with a big enough screen.


A large tablet is almost as good as a laptop.

Desktop With Camera

A desktop gives you a nice big screen to see everything but is not as movable as a laptop.


The screen is a bit small, so not ideal.

Laptop, iPad/Tablet or smartphone - we prefer a laptop because of the bigger screen

Get ready for class with mat, water and visit the loo

Turn off any background radio or music

Keep your laptop plugged in so you don't run out of power

Position your laptop at tabletop hight

Landscape not portrait - we need to see all of you from the full hight of half-moon to the full length of full locust

No backlighting - if you have a window behind you draw the curtains and switch on your main light

Just like a normal class arrive 10 minutes before the start and log in using the link we've sent by email

If you've already download Zoom  join the class, If not go ahead and download

Select "Call using internet Audio"